NCity Acoustic

NCity are not only capable of delivering an exciting electric stageshow. As an extra string to their bow, NCity also offer an acoustic show, building on quite different attributes and producing a somewhat different experience. For whilst NCity are fans of modern techniques and understand how to exploit their full potential, they haven´t forgotten the more intimate and immediate folk tradtition giving rise to the music. A tradition in which one is eyeball to eyeball with the audience and a performance is akin to an informal conversation between listener and musician.

Whilst the electric stageshow must in the nature of things be larger than life - soundwise and visually - NCity Acoustic is an experience with markedly different qualities, practical as well as aesthetic. It can suddenly appear where it is least expected, spread joy via surprise, entertain in short bursts and move swiftly on. 

NCity Acoustic can offer

Pop-up Concerts
These are typically short performances with the purpose of catching the potential audience by surprise, the music suddenly starting up where it's least expected. Several members of NCity have a background busking on street corners, invaluable experience for pushing the music out in its purest, rawest state, anywhere and at any time. This concert form is especially suited to festivals, street parties, conferences and exhibitions.

Party Turn
Again, it's the element of surprise, the feeling of spontaneity in play here, when the minstrels "barge in" and do a turn between courses at a dinner. It is typically a show of short duration (15-20 min., seldom more than 30 min.) and will often be specifically angled towards the centre of attention (i.e. the birthday boy/girl, happy couple etc.). Collectively and individually, NCity have vast experience and numerous skills to draw on in this context, from both verbal and visual humour to a broad repertoire, as well as the skills to tailor it to the specific occasion. 

Living Room Concerts

A concert can in principle occur anywhere one wants, including one's own living room, conservatory or even kitchen. The audience is usually present at the personal invitation of the host from amongst friends and acquaintances, who will often pay a fee towards the music and any refreshments. Afficionados of this type of concert typically enjoy the exciting element of being very close the musicians and their creative process, unfiltered and unadulterated by any effects from stage lighting or amplified sound.